By Tara Schafer

Migdalia Martinez, 24, considered dropping out of Western Michigan University just last week.

Like many students approaching the end of the semester, Martinez is overwhelmed with stress. As a fifth-year senior studying interdisciplinary health services and after a terrible internship experience this semester, she did not see the point in continuing her education.

“It made me realize that maybe I don’t want to graduate,” Martinez said.

It is not uncommon for college students to experience burnout. According to the Healthy Minds study conducted by Daniel Eisenberg, an average of 22 percent of college students now seek therapy or counseling each year. These percentages have been growing consistently for the past two decades with no indication of slowing, according to the Healthy Minds Study.

One of the leading concerns in mental health among students is anxiety. According to the semiannual national college health assessment conducted by the American College Health Association, students who reported feelings of overwhelming anxiety increased from 46 percent to 62 percent in the last seven years.