By Amir Muhammad

Tucked off in a quiet corner of the first floor of Western Heights West is a dainty office with a spacious view of Western Heights’ sister building. A bowl containing three fish battles for space on a desk cluttered with paperwork.  On one wall, a WMU banner and and a Southern Illinois University banner hang above two massive windows.

Another wall has a space filled from top to bottom with notes of appreciation and encouragement from students and colleagues alike.

Add a charming personality and a love of road trips, and you start to get a feel for the man who is Greg Priester, the hall director at Western Heights East and West.

Priester’s skin is cappuccino-colored, and his dark black hair looks like it’s approaching its last days. Priester’s disposition is upbeat. “Hi how ya doing? Can I get you something to drink?” he asks a visitor in a charming tone.  That lighthearted tone is required to deal with all the shenanigans that 18- and 19-year-olds can bring to his doorstep.

Behind the privacy of two sets of mammoth blinds, Priester handles budgets, building management and the general well-being of students, which Priester says is the most challenging part of his job.

But when Priester is away from work, his wanderlust takes over. In his free time, Priester is a frequent traveler and video game enthusiast. His travels have taken him to most of the major cities with his recent trips including New York and Boston.

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