By Casey Clark

A few Western Michigan University students agree with the idea that tax-strapped states should be allowed to legally tax the sale of marijuana if the sales are approved by the citizens of that state.

“I think they should have taxes on marijuana to help these specific states raise money for other issues of concern within that state,” said Austin Currier, 23, a junior economic major at WMU.

Some reports state the revenue-generating potential of taxing the sales.

“I would say this proposed law would have a substantial benefit on schools in Michigan, and provide them with the supplies they desperately need,” said Austin Vochek, 21, a sophomore engineering major at WMU.

Paul Blaschke, 21, a junior engineering major at WMU, says he is OK with the law if the citizens of a state approve it.

“The benefits would be great for every state involved,” he said.


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