By Mallory Williams

McDonald’s workers picketing for $15 wages is reaching a bit too far, according to community members of Kalamazoo.

Jessica Cole, 27, believes picketing for higher wages is connected to living expenses. “Raise the cost of living and essentially they would need more money again.”

She also stated that McDonald’s may just keep replacing individuals until they have employees content with where wages are currently — $8.50.

As for a former McDonald’s employee, Anthony Montellanico, 29, he believes the employees should earn a more reasonable wage such a $10 an hour. Montellanico worked at McDonald’s when wages were $7.15.

“Fifteen dollars promotes people to make it a career,” said Montellanico.

Montellanico added that with a lower wage, people would not be as motivated to make advances within McDonald’s but advances outside as well, toward a long-term career. He also mentioned that having wages raised would not be fair to the employees who have been working with McDonald’s for some time, because he assumes new employees hired in would be making the same amount per hour.

Dennis Stuart, 64, is completely against what McDonald’s workers are picketing for. Stuart said due to his libertarian views, he believed in the market working for itself, and that if the workers weren’t asking for so much there might be room for compromise.

He believes that if wages were to be raised to $15 that with the advance of technology these days, it would, “put people out of business, eliminating jobs by out pricing them.”

He thinks the media is portraying these workers as the sole providers for their families. “A single mother with 3 kids,” Stuart said.

But he claims that is not really the case, those cases are minimal, and the majority of employees at McDonald’s are young individuals in high school or college.

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