By Mike Decker

Most college students aren’t following the news of North Korea’s escalation of nuclear threats to the West unless they have ties to that region of the world.

Being born to South Korean parents and adopted by American parents, Andrew Ingraham, 27, of Michigan State University, gas made time to follow the news coming out of North Korea.  “I keep in touch with friends in South Korea though my adoption agency,” said Ingraham.

“There will probably be some kind of skirmish at some point involving a missile launch to demonstrate force by the North,” said Ingraham.

Carson Mutchler, 23, of Michigan State University watches the situation from a distance. “Because it does not affect me directly,” he said.

Social media was one way in which some of the students stayed informed.

Andres Martinez, 27, of Sanford Brown College, has minimally followed the story, and mostly via social media through news articles posted on Facebook or Twitter.

Samantha Sanchez, 23, of Grand Rapids Community College works two jobs and attends classes. “So I don’t really pay attention to that,” she said.

Most students felt it was a situation that until something worsened it was not worth paying attention to at the current time.

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