By Taja Cato-Jackson

Three Western Michigan University students had mixed views about student media and the student media vote taken in mid April.

The student media at Western Michigan University held a campus-wide vote, asking students if they would support the student media by paying an additional $5 per semester in tuition. The student media includes the campus newspaper, The Western Herald; WDIR, Western’s radio station; and the broadcasting group Young Broadcasters of Tomorrow.

Senior Christina Piper, a 22-year-old communication and gender and women’s studies double major,  said she could see the importance of student media, but do not know many people who use the resources.  She uses the resources when she has the time.  She said that she did not know about the vote.

“I didn’t see any advertising about it,” Piper said.

She said she would have voted if she knew. The 22-year-old student said she would not mind the additional $5 in tuition, but wanted more details and benefits that came from the fee.

Cammi Greene, a 19-year-old psychology major, thinks student media on campus is important, but doesn’t read it and thinks the way it is distributed is outdated.

“I would rather get the Western Herald on Facebook or another social media site,” the freshman said. While knowing about the vote, Greene did not vote.

Greene also said she found the additional $5 pointless. “Hardly anyone I know is interested in the student media. I don’t see a need to spend more money.”

Social work major Anna Tietz, 21, was only aware of the Western Herald as a campus news resource. She found the newspaper outdated, and suggested more electronic ways of getting information about campus besides getting it through email.

She also did not know about the social media vote. “I would have voted if I had seen more advertising and knew more about it.”

Tietz said she would not mind the additional $5 being placed in tuition.

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