By Isreal McCurtis

Kourtney Smith  a 29 year old Kalamazoo artist, says that art is important in these stressful times because it can be very calming and therapeutic.  At times she says it can be a huge stress reliever and a good way to take your mind off of certain things. At the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, located at 314 S Park St, Kalamazoo  MI 49007, many displays of art can be seen such as the Unveiling American Genius exhibit.  The prices go from $2-$10 dollars if you want to see the Museum as well as other art rooms. Many of the projects Kourtney works on are outside the box, she doesn’t like to limit herself when it comes to her artwork. She says that it’s okay to not go with what everyone else is doing and be yourself everyone has their own unique path to greatness.



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