By Taylor Pace

When Hallie Conlee, 20, transferred to Western Michigan University for her sophomore year, and she wanted to transfer again after a few months, but because of making friends and her sorority, she decided to stay.

Conlee is now a junior majoring in business management. She transferred from the University of Michigan-Flint after her freshmen year. Although she was a sophomore, since she was a transfer student, she needed to live in the freshman dorms. That didn’t help her make friends as her dorm mates were in different classes and friend groups, she said.

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Many students transfer during their college years. In “Feeling Like a Freshman Again,” scholar Barbara K. Townsend stated that “Undergraduate transfer is a fact of life. At least 40 percent of students attend more than one institution on their path to a baccalaureate degree.”

What helped Conlee, and what helps others stay put, is finding a support network.