By Erwin St. Rose

Donald Trump is a very controversial candidate, but the question is how does someone with an eccentric style of politics get the Republican nomination?


Western Michigan University Political Science Professor John Clark said that Donald Trump tapped into the anger across the country.

“The other candidates came at Trump divided, when they finally came together it was too late; Trump had enough momentum to knock them out,” Clark said.

When a 2005 audio recording of Trump emerged stating that he does whatever he likes with women because he is famous, prominent Republicans disassociated themselves from Trump. “It puts the Republicans and voters in a bad position, the alternatives are limited at this point,” Clark said.

The high name recognition of both Clinton and Trump helped get them the nominations for their respective parties.

Clark’s message to undecided voters is that it’s important to vote because the holders of many offices, from Congressional to judicial, are being decided.

WMU History Professor Lewis Pyenson doesn’t think Trump has a shot at being president. “I haven’t analyzed projections but I’ve seen them,” he said.

“Over the past few years the United States has looked a lot like Germany,” said Pyenson, meaning that Trump’s rise in the nomination is similar to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the first half of the 20th century.

“Trump is entirely unprincipled,” said Pyenson. “Nothing could pull him towards good ideas for a free society.”

Joseph Kayany, a telecommunications and media professor at WMU said he looks for knowledge of every issue when it comes to candidates. Kayany said he didn’t take Trump seriously when he first announced as a candidate for 2016.

Kayany’s advice to undecided voters is that “not voting at all is a vote for Trump; it helps his supporters get a majority.”

Chelsea Coss, a grad student and teacher’s assistant at Western Michigan University, said, “People tend to have tunnel vision when it comes to candidates. Trump takes a small problem and makes it huge to get people to build a wall. People relate to Trump because he is more like them.”


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