By Paige Walker

Despite his controversial opinions regarding the African American community, Donald Trump reached out to minority voters on a September Friday afternoon at a campaign rally in Metro Detroit.

“Are you better off than you were 8 years ago?” said Trump to a crowd of over 5,000 people. “If not, why not give Donald Trump a chance? I will fix it!” The rally was crowded, with many white men in attendance. ATrump Truckccording to a poll recently done by The Los Angeles Times, Trump has 5 percent of the African American vote and 34 percent of the women’s vote.

Randi Clark, 27, and her mother, Deisy Clark, 65, were two of the handful of minorities at the rally on Friday.  “You can’t make ignorant people of any race support the right team, (so) be sure to seek the truth or you’ll forever be misguided,” said Randi Clark when asked what she would say to other African Americans regarding voting for Trump in November.

Trump spent almost 10 minutes pleading to minority voters: “Look at what the Democrats have done to Detroit!” he lamented.

Deisy Clark agreed with Trump’s assessment. “I don’t understand how any African American can vote Democrat knowing our past history. They stand for everything we’re against. That party is the anti- Christ.”

Outside of the rally, several Black Lives Matter protestors stood, unable to get in. Trump has been vocal regarding the controversial organization, stating that he thinks the organization has helped instigate police killings in the past. Ronald Sheldon, a 19-year-old BLM supporter, said he is against everything Trump stands for. “I reject somebody who knows nothing of the struggle of African Americans, the things you say about my people are often untrue and insulting,” Sheldon said.

A week after the rally, on the west side of the state,  another African-American boasted of her support for Trump. Bridgette Louwers is a 20-year-old Elementary Education major at Western Michigan University and she openly supports the Republican candidate. “I’m voting for him because he’s unlike anyone we’ve ever seen, he’s not a politician he’s a businessman,” Lauwers said. “He’s raw and he’s unlike any of the other candidates.”

Trump met with controversy regarding his “locker room talk” from an audio recording in 2005. The Republican candidate is recorded openly discussing how he could grope and kiss on women without their consent due to his celebrity status. Despite the controversy, Louwers is confident that he is what this country needs.

“Obviously I do think about it, however all of the controversy with Hillary is far worse than any of the things they try to dig up on him,” Louwers said. “People tend to look into the emotional stuff and not the great things he can do for this country.”

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