By Dayna Mulder

Anime Addicts is one of many student organizations that has resumed in-person meetings this fall at Western Michigan University.

Student organizations meeting in person are required to have their attendees wear masks, check their vaccination status badges, and meet outside when possible to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, said Chris Sligh, 45, the director of student engagement at Western Michigan University.

Anime Addicts decided to meet in person to enable students to socialize over their common interest in anime following a long period of isolation, said co-president Diane Van Treeck, 19. Anime Addicts was unable to meet in person last spring due to restrictions and safety guidelines following the spread of COVID-19. This semester, the organization is making an effort to meet in person after a unanimous vote by club members, said Van Treeck.

The personal interactions, laughter, and comments members share while enjoying each other’s company are what make it valuable to meet in person, said co-president Arriel Johnson, 23. “It’s a good place to make friends,” said member Toria Klungle, 20.

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